“When you’re tired of living the way you’ve been living and you want a new beginning”

InSideOut provides safe houses for older men and women who have been part of the criminal justice system or at risk of entering it.  This is our first phase supporting older men and women to reclaim their independence.

Project Manager

” I wanted them to come out to something more than what they have always had, to come to a place where they feel and know that people care, I wanted them to have a place they could call home”.



Peter Miles the founder of InSideOut and the Project Manager, decided to start this company while serving a seven and half year prison sentence. He realized that there needed to be a safe place for men and women coming out of prison to go to. A place that they could call home. A place where they can get support from people that will not judge them. For Peter it was important that these men and women knew that there was someone that has been where they have been and understands what it is like to be afraid to come out after spending time behind those walls. “When I came out I had three people in my life that gave me a helping hand. I thank them for that because I know that I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for them. I wanted to give others the same chance”.